CHANGES COUNSELING CENTER - DUI, Substance Abuse Counseling, & BASICS program
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Welcome to the 
Changes Counseling Center 
of Reno & Sparks, Nevada
 We Specialize in court-ordered programs for DUI, substance abuse counseling, and the BASICS/CASICS program:
We are the premier provider of cost-effective,out-patient substance abuse and DUI counseling services in Reno and Sparks. DUI counseling classes are $25/session, and we do not charge enrollment or reporting feesWe specialize in court ordered counseling programs, but self-referred patients are always welcome. Anyone who wants help making effective and lasting change in their life should join us.

Changes Counseling Center can help you make changes with addiction problems.
(Does not include BASICS sessions)
So come try us out, we know you will be satisfied with your  experience and stay with us.
Currently, we offer programs for DUI Levels II, II.X, III, 484, and the SB277felony-diversion program, and any other alcohol or drug-related offense. We can customize your drug or alcohol counseling program to fit your needs, and satisfy court mandates. Changes Counseling is also an approved provider for the Reno Municipal Court's highly innovative BASICS & CASICS programs.We also offer services to those on parole and probation.

In addition, we also offer Anger Managementcounseling programs that are approved by the Reno and Sparks courts. We are able to create a program that will satisfy court requirements, and help you feel less anger, less often, and deal with it better when it arises.

Even if you have a DUI or other drug and alcohol offense, and have not yet been sentenced, you can start your program with us. All DUI counseling sessions will count towards your program after sentencing. This is also a good way for you to show the court (and friends and family) that you are taking a proactive course of action. Call and ask us about our many pre-sentencing options.
If you are visiting this site, you probably got arrested for DUI, or some other alcohol/drug related charge. You feel like it's the end of the world. IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD BECAUSE YOU GOT A DUI. Rather, it is an opportunity to make changes in your life. It is an opportunity to make things better for yourself, and the people that care about you. In short, it is the chance for a better you. Changes Counseling wants to help you with that.
Court mandated counseling programs can be confusing and intimidating. We have extensive experience helping our clients successfully navigate  court compliance programs in both the Reno and Sparks courts. Our clients have also been able to change their behaviors and lives from addictive and harmful substances. Let us give you the tools and support you need to achieve sobriety.
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