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A sad day for all of us...
DUI En Español
Level 1 DUI School Coming Soon!!
National Recovery Month
New Anger Managment Class is Now Open!!!!
New DUI Spanish Language Counseling Program!!!
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Special Discounts and Offers!!
Thanksgiving Week and Holidays
The New Year and The New You
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Recovery Corner

Anger Managment Class Now Open!

Feeling angry? Got road rage? Do you have a boss that you just can't stand?? You know the kind I'm talking about- the boss who doesn't know anything but thinks they know more than you. Lots of stuff might be making you mad. Come join our new class
Thursday nights at 8pm (just $25.00 per class), on how to feel less angry, less often and you might just be able to drive without getting mad, or maybe even tolerate that boss (well, maybe).

Special Discounts!!

Do you want to get your DUI counseling for free?? Well, you can, or at least some of it. Right now, if you refer someone to Changes Counseling for DUI school, or DUI counseling you will get two (2) free sessions,as a bonus !!!! That is a $50.00 value just for recommending us to someone you know, or just met. There are no strings attached just steer someone over to us for their DUI counseling needs and you will get credit for two counseling groups. So spread the word today: Go to Changes Counseling Center for your DUI counseling needs! Why would you go somewhere else????

Level 1 DUI School Coming soon

Check back here for our new schedule! We will soon be adding a Level 1 DUI School to our schedule.

Introducing New Spanish Program!!!!

I am so pleased to announce the addition of our new Hispanic language counseling services!! We now offer court-ordered DUI counseling in Spanish to Levels 2, 2.X, and 3. We also participate in the CCP program and the SB277 program. It pleases me to be able to service our Hispanic population in this way- with affordable, quality outpatient counseling services. Please join our new DUI in Spanish counseling program on Monday nights at 6:00pm. Just call our Spanish Services Coordinator, Lupe, at 775-378-7311 for more information!!!

New DUI Counseling Program in Spanish is Coming!!

Well, I am exited to announce that very soon Changes Counseling will be offering complete Hispanic Language services for DUI and substance abuse programs. Details will follow shortly, so please check back soon. There will be a new dedicated counselor and contact phone number for the Spanish language DUI services. Of course, this program will also be court approved. This has been a long time in the making so we are very exited about this!!

Happy New Year's!!

Changes Counseling wants to wish everyone a safe, sober new year! If you have a DUI in Reno or Sparks and have not yet started counseling- get started today. Don't procrastinate. Give me a call at 250-0080. Your new and better life without alcohol or drug abuse can start today. There is always a million reasons NOT to do something. So get going, and call us today.


Happy Holidays, everyone! For the month of December, Changes Counseling Center is having a drawing for all of it's DUI and substance abuse clients. Basically, you have to attend all of your DUI or addiction counseling classes for the month, and be current on your financial obligation, in order to participate. All clients who meet this criteria will be entered in a drawing to win one of two sets of movie passes. Movie passes are good for any movie, at any theater in the Reno and Sparks area! 

Holiday Stuff

Well, it's the holiday season again and Changes Counseling Center of Reno, Nevada wishes all of our clients a happy and sober Thanksgiving.Please note our Thanksgiving week holiday schedule for DUI and substance abuse counseling groups in the 
Holiday Schedule page of this website. We are offering a special DUI class Monday at 6:30pm at a special discount price. Tuesday and Wednesday DUI groups will meet at their usual times. The holidays are a hard time for many, and so relapses often occur. Please reach out to somebody before you have a relapse. You are not doing this alone! Call your counselor, or sponsor, or trusted friend before you have a slip back into old behaviors and patterns. 

November Holiday Schedule

Judge Hickman

I was deeply saddened by the news that Reno Municipal Court Judge Hickman passed away on Thursday. My regrets and sympathies go to his family, as well as his colleagues at the court. He was an extremely fair judge and helped many people in our community get the help they needed.